Managed Services

Managed Technology

Our managed services are tailored to your specific needs. We range from remote-only service anywhere in the world to onsite service quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily in the north Georgia area. Our goal is to maintain your technology to allow your operations to continue even in the event of a disaster and, more importantly, to prevent them altogether by preempting catastrophic failures of any failing hardware with regular maintenance. By heading off possible hardware failures and training employees to be smart about their interactions on the internet, most companies recoup our costs by dodging just one ransomware or phishing incident.


Security Analysis

Wonder how often your employees are giving too much information? Wonder how often they fall for phishing attacks? Wonder how vulnerable your network is to outside interference? Call for a free analysis of your current network status.

Need Help?

SOHO DVC offers 24/7 365 days a year on-site service to the Metro Atlanta area and remote service anywhere in the world. Call 678-213-2309 to learn more.