Computer Repairs

Computer Not Working?

We have engineers on staff to provide the best recommendations and repair options available. Almost any electronic device can be repaired, it is really just a question of cost and convenience. For any computer that is 4 years or younger, a quick hard drive replacement or basic maintenance will keep it running for a few more years. For older machines, we will typically recommend replacing it, but, as with any technology, it will depend on the specifications of the electronics in question. Our opinion on the repair is always free.

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Does Your Computer Have Malware/Hacked?

Wonder how often your employees are giving too much information? Wonder how often they fall for phishing attacks? Wonder how vulnerable your network is to outside interference? Call for a free analysis of your current network status.

Need Help?

SOHO DVC offers 24/7 365 days a year on-site service to the Metro Atlanta area and remote service anywhere in the world. Call 678-213-2309 to learn more.